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About us

Interplay Learning is the leader in using simulation to create online digital training. We have taken our success in building education material for other career and technical fields and moved to solar because it is a rapidly growing industry that has many training needs. Our first product for solar was developed in conjunction with NYSERDA. This 12 Hour Advanced Troubleshooting Continuing Education Course is a first of its kind relying on simulation to better educator solar workers. 

In September 2015 we won Solar Power International's Startup Alley for our innovative approach to Solar Training. We are excited to continue expanding our training resources for the solar industry, so please stay in touch and we look forward to helping you with your training needs. 

Check out our company website. Please reach out with any questions as we are excited to learn more about our customers. 

Craig Carter - ccarter@interplay-learning.com - (310)662-1767